April 13, 2011

'Back To Basics and Beyond' Special Footage

For those of you that didn't know, Walmart had released a special package of the 'Back to Basics' album with a bonus DVD titled 'Back to Basics and Beyond'. In that Bonus DVD it gave you some behind the scenes footage of Christina working with DJ Premier and others. The DVD also contained several music videos and a live performance of Hurt from the MTV VMA's 2006.

'The Voice' Big Promo @ New York City

April 11, 2011

Christina And Max Visited Disney World

Christina Talks Domestic Violence, Her Mom and Female Victims

The Today Show: Interview With 'The Voice' Couches

'Dirrty' Lands @ #3 On Top 10 Sexiest Videos Poll

3. “Dirrty” – Christina Aguilera feat. Redman

This is old school Christina Aguilera. No one can forget her famous scene dancing on girls in the water. The multi-colored porn hair and piercings just add to the smutty wrestling scenes. Her body is banging and she can shake her ass faster than most girls. Though this is the trashier Christina Aguilera, it’s still sexy as hell.

Christina + Max + Matt Arriving @ LAX

Christina Tweets About Her New Mag Cover

Christina Aguilera Tops Empowering Song Poll


Christina Aguilera has beaten the likes of Lady GaGa and Katy Perry to the title of the most empowering song of the last ten years, according to a poll conducted with lesbian, gay and bisexual people.
Equality organisation Stonewall put together the online poll, where over 1,000 supporters were asked which track of the last decade they felt had the most empowering message.
Xtina's 2003 hit Beautiful came out on top with 33% of the vote, while Boyzone's tune Better achieved 25%, leaving it in second place.
Ronan Keating and Co were the first boyband to feature a homosexual couple in the video for Better, where the late Stephen Gately posed in the promo with a male lover.
Christina's video for Beautiful also includes a gay couple, who openly kiss and hold hands in public.
GaGa's anthem, Born This Way, placed third with 17%, with Gossip's Standing In The Way Of Control and Katy Perry's Firework just behind her.
After learning that she had topped the poll, Aguilera stated: "I'm delighted to have been voted the most inspirational pop act by Stonewall's supporters - my gay fan base is so important to me and this continues my special relationship with them."

March 31, 2011

C&A Christina Aguilera Collection Wallpapers

IT GETS BETTER: Columbus Children's Choir And The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus - Beautiful

Access Hollywood: ‘The Voice’ Coaches Share...

Linda Perry Talks Bionic + Xtina's New Record

I really feel like the public has been too hard on Christina Aguilera this past year. Do you think it’s a case of society wanting to tare someone down only to build them back up because the public loves a comeback story?

Christina’s always had the bad rap. So, it’s not like this is happening all of a sudden… she’s always had it. That’s something between Christina, her fans, the public, and the energy of the world. That’s something only Christina and the energy can figure out what’s going on there. But, as far as I’ve known her, everybody’s always given her a hard time. She’s a different little bird. You know, she’s not really out a lot and when she does go out, people are gonna grab things. Like, is she running around as much as Britney Spears was a few years ago? No, she’s isn’t. But, when they catch her they catch her in whatever state she is in. I don’t know why the press is so hard on her right now. I think Christina’s awesome and a very talented person. She definitely doesn’t care — and that is a fact. You know how some people say “I don’t care” and they really do? I can tell you that Christina really doesn’t care…. because she learned very early on that critics are critics, people will say whatever they want and it’s up to her to decide what is the truth and what is not. She stands true to what she knows.

Like, she told me “I know this Bionic record is not going to be a big record because I’m gonna try and do some different things and I don’t know what’s gonna happen but this is what I wanna do…” She knew that before she recorded one thing. She knew that about Back to Basics, too. Her record company came to her and said “you’re gonna sell way more many records if you make this a single album. Let’s get rid of the double record.” And she said, “No, this is how I hear it. I hear one record being like this and the other record being like this.” Everybody warned her that it’s not going to sell as much but she didn’t care because she comes up with creative ideas and stands behind them as an artist. It’s not all about selling a bazillion records to her. She just wants to be able to stand behind it. In the end she did say to me, “Maybe I did release the Bionic record too soon. Oh well. Now, I wanna make a rock record!” I was like “Oh, God!” She’s gonna take everybody for a ride. So, ultimately, why she gets put down I don’t know. You’ll never know, I’ll never know, only Christina will ever figure that out and get the answer.

C&A Christina Aguilera TV Ad - Making Of


"The Black Book" Christina Aguilera's B&W Photos

By Merlito Designs

C&A Collection Christina Aguilera Tv Ad (HQ)

"The Voice" On 2011 Spring Must Watch

"The Voice": A singing competition show (sound familiar?), that features Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christine Aguilera and Blake Shelton as "coaches" — NOT judges! who will train the contestants before viewers vote and pick a winner. The mentoring quartet will choose the talent through auditions in which they'll be able to hear, but not see, who's singing. Premieres Tuesday, 4/5 at 10pm ET on NBC // Source: TV Guide